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What is the Global STEM Fair?

The GLOBAL STEM FAIR is an international STEM competition for young people around the world, co-founded by CYRC, the Canadian Mathematics and Science Society, and the North American Maker Education Alliance.


Since its inception, the competition has received attention and support from the Canadian government, education bureau, and high-tech companies such as Microsoft and EA, gradually becoming a platform for global young technology enthusiasts to showcase themselves and exchange ideas.


So far, the competition has been successfully held nine times, with thousands of participants.

STEM for Girls

In 2017, CYRC was invited by IBM to lead more than 30 STEM girls to participate in the "STEM For Girls" activity held at the BC Tech Summit. In 2018, CYRC was again invited by the University of the Fraser Valley to participate in the "STEM for Girls" activity organized by the university.  Despite the fact that the girls participating in this activity had no foundation in robotics and computer programming, they still managed to understand and master the basic knowledge of the robot project under the guidance of CYRC tutors and completed multiple challenge topics.


In March of the following year, CYRC co-hosted an upgraded version of the "STEM for Girls" event, "Women in STEM", with Microsoft. Many female managers and technicians from large technology companies (such as EA, IBM, Genome BC, etc.), government departments, and non-profit organizations attended the forum. The discussion topics covered the development of women in the STEM field, how working women balance family and career, and how high school students who intend to apply for STEM professions should choose and plan their future university majors.

STEM for Movie

"STEM For Movie" is an exploration by CYRC of the combination of STEM education and film. In 2017, CYRC collaborated with the crew of the film "Darrow and Darrow", selecting dozens of excellent STEM students from the club to act as robot competition contestants in the film.  


In 2018, the well-known film "Pacific Rim Uprising" under Universal Studios held a premiere in Vancouver and specially invited CYRC to attend. In 2019, CYRC coordinated and secured valuable audition opportunities for many young film fans in the club for Disney/Marvel film actors.

What is the Global Youth Coding Cup?

The Global Youth Coding Cup (GYCC) is a computer programming competition for students in grades 6-12, co-hosted by CYRC and the Canadian Mathematics and Science Association.

The competition is divided by grade, and the competition languages include Java 8, C, C++, Python (2.x and 3.x), etc. The competition uses a real-time scoring system, adding competitiveness and fun to the competition. CYRC also provides special course training for students interested in participating in this competition.


The first and second GYCC competitions were generously sponsored and supported by Simon Fraser University (SFU), the world-renowned game company Electronic Arts (EA), and Microsoft.

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