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Lunar Agriculture Project

A Joint Exploration by the Canadian Youth Robotics Club (CYRC) and Sager Education

The moon, just 384,400 km away from Earth, has long been a dream destination for scientists and explorers. The Canadian Youth Robotics Club (CYRC) has been focusing on this uncharted territory with its innovative spirit and scientific prowess. Among its notable projects is the "Moon Exploration
Initiative," dedicated to sustainable lunar exploration. This article elaborates on a new direction—lunar agriculture—in collaboration with Sager Education's existing freshwater ecosystems.

History and Achievements of CYRC's Moon Exploration Program
Over the past few years, CYRC has completed several moon-related projects:

  1. Project LUMA - Studying the subsurface structure of the moon

  2. Project Oasis - A water transportation system on the moon

  3. In Situ Production of Thermoelectric Generators on the moon

These projects have not only accumulated valuable experience but also laid a solid foundation for future explorations, including the upcoming lunar agriculture project.

Lunar Agriculture Project: A New Beginning
The main goal is to establish a sustainable freshwater ecosystem on the lunar surface. Through the synergistic interaction of fish, shrimp, aquatic plants, and microorganisms, we plan to cultivate a large amount of phytoplankton in a closed environment. The ultimate aim is to present a formal proposal to NASA, hoping to be adopted to support the establishment of long-term lunar settlements in the Artemis program.

NASA's Artemis Program: A Symbol of Courage and Exploration
Named after the ancient Greek goddess of hunting and the moon, Artemis,  the program symbolizes humanity's endless exploration and courage towards the moon and the universe. NASA plans to execute this program between 2025-2028, with objectives including establishing a permanent human presence on the moon's South Pole and preparing for future Mars missions.

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Overlaps with CYRC's Lunar Agriculture Project

  1. Long-term Human Presence: Our project aims to create a sustainable freshwater ecosystem, directly addressing the long-term habitation needs in the Artemis program.

  2. Scientific Research: The Artemis program emphasizes lunar science, resource utilization, and life science research, which are key components of our project.

  3. Potential Collaboration and Funding: The ultimate goal of CYRC's research is to submit a formal proposal to NASA for funding and support under the Artemis program.


Utilizing Sager Education's Existing Aquatic Ecology Park
Our research project will be based on Sager Education's existing freshwater ecological park, which provides valuable experience and guidance for our two-year project's first-year research goal—presenting our research findings and publishing a paper at the Greater Vancouver Science Fair.

Greater Vancouver Science Fair: Background, Significance, and Influence
This fair is not only a celebration of science in the Greater Vancouver area but also a crucial pillar for youth science education in Canada. Hosted at the University of British Columbia (UBC), it gathers students, educators, and industry experts from multiple school districts.

  • Academic Rigor: It's not just an exhibition but an academic competition.

  • Multi-disciplinary Coverage: From natural sciences to engineering and social sciences.

  • Expert Review: The judging panel comprises experts from various fields.


  • Academic Exchange and Collaboration: An excellent opportunity for networking and partnership.

  • Public Perception and Influence: A great promotional opportunity for CYRC.

  • Science Communication and Education: A strong platform for public education

  • Funding and Support: Success could attract more financial backing and sponsorships, crucial for long-term research.

Future Directions
At this year's Greater Vancouver Science Fair, we will conduct in-depth research on several key aspects to align our lunar agriculture project with the requirements of the Artemis program:

  1. Ecological Balance and Biodiversity

  2. Resource Recycling and Utilization

  3. Artificial Intelligence and Automation


The lunar agriculture project by CYRC and Sager Education is not just an exploration of technology and sustainable ecology but a forward-looking contemplation of human survival on the moon and other celestial bodies. We invite all students and parents interested in this field to join us in exploring
this world full of endless possibilities. In this grand plan, everyone can become a part of changing the future. Our research will extend beyond the lab and papers to influence every individual participant, society, and human civilization as a whole. Let's move forward together, paving a path filled with
hope and endless possibilities.

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