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Dragon Boat Team


In the bright sunshine of early August, on the shimmering water surface, a brand-new team is setting sail—the dragon boat team of the Canadian Youth Robotics Club (CYRC) is officially established! Near the BC Science Museum, five energetic children have embarked on their dragon boat training journey. This was not just a physical exercise, but also a test of team spirit and self-challenge.

The establishment of the CYRC dragon boat team signifies the club’s pursuit of diversified activities and its focus on the holistic development of children. Parents arrived half an hour early at the venue and excitedly began the registration process. The children followed instructions and chose paddles that matched their height. After donning bright red life jackets, the children paired up with other crew members and began the warm-up exercises they had prepared the night before.

Under the guidance of the coach, the dragon boat set sail and began a one-and-a-half-hour training session. Each dragon boat has a capacity of 20 people, including the guiding coach and the safety officer at the stern, making it a total of 22 people. The synchronized sound of paddles and the children’s laughter intertwined, becoming the most touching melody on this body of water. Every stroke and every laugh from the children were filled with vitality and belief. Their movements on the water seemed like a poem praising life, stirring the emotions of those who watched. On the shore, parents held cameras, capturing every determined and confident look in their children’s eyes.

Screenshot 2023-08-27 153047.png

As the sun gradually set, the children returned, sweating but with faces beaming with satisfaction and pride. They expressed that after experiencing water sports, they felt very fulfilled and it was meaningful. The launch of the CYRC dragon boat team not only reflects our club’s pursuit of diverse activities but also our commitment to the comprehensive growth of the children. Be the sailor of the world, leave this stagnant land, get on board, and sail, sail, sail! Be the sailor of the world, head to all ports! — Walt Whitman, “Leaves of Grass”

Screenshot 2023-08-27 153039.png

As an organization focused on STEM education, CYRC has always upheld the mission of providing comprehensive STEM education, inspiring a love for technology in young people, and cultivating their innovation and practical skills. However, we understand even more the importance of holistic development. Therefore, CYRC not only focuses on children’s technological education but also encourages them to participate in outdoor activities to experience the diversity of life.

We believe that fostering an athletic spirit will make the children more resilient, courageous, and team-oriented. In the passion and challenges of water sports, the children learned cooperation, communication, and perseverance. Every drop of their sweat and every laugh became a vivid portrayal of CYRC’s diversified educational philosophy. As insignificant as a mayfly in the universe, as tiny as a grain in the vast ocean. Facing the vast world and the brilliant galaxy, CYRC wishes every youth to be a sailor of the world, heading to every unknown port in their colorful lives.

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