CYRC provides opportunities for volunteer services through holding various competitions. This is not only a great chance for them to help other people, but also to stimulate their interest in robotics, computer programming and engineering. Volunteering can help children face challenges, nurture empathy, and care for others; it can also enrich children’s life experiences, broaden their vision. To help children get the most of their service and social experience, we match volunteer opportunities to the children’s interests, hobbies, personal skills and strengths.


  • Minimum age of 12 years;

  • Friendly, outgoing and approachable personality;

  • A commitment to volunteer at two to four special events per year​​​​​​​;

  • Be able to work as a team with other volunteers.

We Provide:

  • Learn new knowledge and gain new skills;

  • Teaching and working experience;

  • A volunteer certificate;

  • A reference letter;