Are you interested in completing a project related to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics)? Do you want to spend your summer meeting and working with international students? Now is the time for you to register with the 3-Day STEM International Summer Camp!


At the 3-Day STEM International Summer Camp, you will learn astronomy, robotics, computer programming and snap circuits from experienced instructors. In the third day, we will hold a Snap Circuits Event that all international students and local students will cooperate and complete the snap circuits project together. The best team will be awarded a medal and a prize from SFU and Canada Youth Robotics Club.


The 3-Day STEM International Summer Camp is a good opportunity for you to meet and do project work with international students. At the end of the camp, all students will obtain a certificate of completion and have a chance to win a set of Snap Circuits.


July 13th-15th, 2017


July 13th:

9:00-12:00: Astronomy Class

13:00-16:00: Robotics Class


July 14th:

9:00-12:00: Computer Programming Class

13:00-16:00: Arduino Class

16:00-18:00: Snap Circuits Seminar (Welcome everyone)


July 15th:

2017 International PEW Electronic Innovation Contest!!


Camp Location: Simon Fraser University(Burnaby Campus)

                          West Mall Centre


Grade: G8-G12

Contact Us: Contact Rachel for more enquiry on 604-281-0090