Do you want to participate in a very special learning experience this summer?  Do you want to spend your summer meeting and working with international students?  Now, is the time for you to register with the Hi-Tech Robotics Summer Camp


At the Hi-Tech Robotics Summer Camp you will learn robotics, basic electronics and computer programming from experienced instructors. You will have the chance to work with the latest in robotics technology for students. The Hi-Tech Robotics Summer Camp is a good opportunity for you to meet and do project work with international students. The summer camp will also include a Robotics Event.  At the end of the Hi-Tech Robotics Summer Camp, all students will obtain a certificate of completion.



1. Robotics: learning the basic theory of robots, how to build and program robots; learning the basic theory of electric circuit and how to build circuits with Patch Electron World to build radio, music box and electric cars, etc.

2. Computer Programming: learning Scratch and design games with their own ideas

3. Robotics Event: the theme of the event is “Moon Exploration Plan”, students need to complete different tasks with their built and programmed robots

4. Outdoor Activities: Visiting Simon Fraser University(SFU), University of British Columbia(UBC), H. R. MacMillan Space Centre, Science World, etc.

Schedule: July 17th to 28th, 2017 

                 Monday - Friday   9:00-16:00 


7.17-7.21: Robotics and Computer Programming Class

7.24: Robotics Event

7.25: Visiting SFU MSE LAB (Surry Campus)       

         Visiting SFU Burnaby Campus 

         Visiting H. R. MacMillan Space Centre 

7.26: Visiting UBC

         Visiting Science World 

         Experiencing Canada Fly  

7.27-7.28: Robotics and Computer Programming Class


Location: 305-1549 Marine Drive, West Vancouver, BC V7V 1H9

Registration: Grade 2- Grade 7

Contact Us: Contact Rachel for more enquiry on 604-281-0090