Lego (Recommend age for 4 - 10 years):

Learn about Lego robotics and what it takes to make a robot. Be it a car or a humanoid learn about different parts that makes a complete robot. The young robots robotics program is aimed for students who are new to robotics and have no previous experience in the field. All projects are aimed primarily at proper construction and function of the Lego robots.

Abilix (Recommend age for 6 - 15 years):

Students can analyze the structure and principle of the models by checking the 3D models. By mouse operation, students also can adjust and modify the models as they like. With abundant action sequences, the actions of the robot can be easily set through clicking, dragging and dropping the mouse cursor. The movement will be shown in the review screen, which also can improve the editing efficiency.

Botball (Recommend age for 6-18 years):

The BotBall Educational Robotics Program engages middle and high school aged students in a team-oriented robotics competition, and serves as a perfect way to meet today’s new common core standards.

Arduino (Recommend age for 10+ years):

Arduino is an open-source electronics platform based on easy-to-use hardware and software. We are using Arduino UNO to build simple projects, and use UNO to learn to assemble hardware and software programming. Students will earn experience that related to higher level engineering science.

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