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Dr. Chris Zhang 


Dr. Zhang is a chairman of Canada Youth Robotics Club and the founder of Sager Education Inc. He once worked at UBC as a postdoc, with his research fields in computational geometric theory, computer vision, and robotics vision algorithms. He is also an expert in four fields including mathematics, computer science, electronic engineering and robotics vision algorithms.

  • President of RoboRAVE (Canada);

  • President of World Educational Robot Contest (Canada); 

  • Navy Leader of Scouts Canada Burnaby 7th SW.

Email: head@roboca.org

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Alyssa Liu


Alyssa Liu is the Cofounder of the Canada Youth Robotics Club, CEO of Sager Education Inc. and My Talents Corp. She is an experienced youth education expert.

Email: alyssaliu@roboca.org

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Mehdi Alireza

Supervisor and Instructor

Mehdi Alireza is a Robotics supervisor and Computer Programming instructor at the Canada Youth Robotics Club. He holds the MSc. in Mechatronics (Robotics) and BSc. in Computer Engineering, and has 18 years teaching experience in Computer Programming, Robotics and Machine Learning. Mr. Alireza is the former Head of Research Center and Dean of the Computer Department at Adiban- Institute of Higher Education, Iran. He is also the author of three books (Genetic Algorithms, Biometrics and 3D Game Programming ) in Persian. As the supervisor of the Club, Mr. Alireza does the Curriculum writing for Robotics course(RC1-RC6), Advanced Robotics course (ARC) and Computer Programming (C++, Python, Java).


Dr. Patrick Bruskiewich


Having pursued the B.Sc, B.Ed. and M.Sc. degrees, Patrick Bruskiewich is currently a mathematical-physicist with over twenty-year teaching experience at both the secondary and post-secondary level. Mr. Bruskiewich is also is a PhD from the nuclear astrophysics from UBC / TRIUMF and has worked on more than 250 high-tech projects, which include the injector magnetic system on the Large Hadron Collider and the TR19 medical cyclotron at Rockefeller Hospital in New York City. Dr. Bruskiewich is also an internationally read and respected author with over 160 books in print, as well as over 400 articles published. 

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Dr. Ross Mead


Dr. Ross Mead is the Founder and CEO of Semio, a startup developing a standardized software framework and tools for natural communication interfaces (speech and body language) between human users and smart devices, including personal robots. Ross received his PhD and MS in Computer Science at the University of Southern California in 2015, and his BS in Computer Science from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville in 2007. Ross’ overarching research interest is concerned with the modeling of nonverbal social behaviors—such as interagent spacing, visual attention, and gestures—for the purposes of autonomous recognition and control in face-to-face human-robot interaction.

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Amit Sisodia


Amit Sisodia is a robotics instructor at the Canada Youth Robotics Club. He holds couple of Master’s degrees, one from University of Bedfordshire (England) in International Relations and other from Royal Roads University (Canada) in Master of Global Management.  He is an accomplished coach, program manager and facilitator with over 15 years of experience in grooming individuals and teams connect with success in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. Currently, Amit teaches Robotics, play key role in organizing various Robotics or Science events and provides career coaching for individuals.

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Rajat Dixit


Rajat Dixit is a computer science and senior robotics instructor at the Canada Youth Robotics club. He holds a Bachelors of Electrical and Computer Engineering degree from the University of British Columbia. He is one of the first instructors who help establish this club. Rajat manages both the junior and senior teams that compete in robotic competitions both locally and internationally. Through his hard work the teams have competed in world open competitions like WER, Botball and RoboRave and won prizes in different categories for the past couple of years. He is competent in coding with languages like C, C++ and Java. In the classroom Rajat believes in hands-on learning and that software coding is best taught when implemented with robotics. His vision is to coach students to learn robotics as a fun hobby so that it can help them in high school and through post secondary education.