Invitation of 2015 WER Canadian International Championship

July 05, 2015

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WER, short for World Educational Robot contest, is a robotics event started by the Federation of World Educational Robot (FWER). 2015 WER Canadian International Championship is scheduled to be held in 5th&6th July. Focusing on young people aged from 9 to 18, WER has attracted 300,000 participants all around the world every year. Teams from various countries will compete and show their talents on the same stage there. Teachers from different countries will meet together, discuss and exchange their ideas in technical education. As one of the most open, interesting and challenging robotics event in the globe, WER targets itself to be a robotics event that is dominated and participated by students. Additional tasks that require participants to finish without their teachers will be released 2 hours before the contest formally begins. Besides, WER provides sections, such as Q&A on skills and reports, extended contest, team contest, posters selection etc., for different levels. Contest Theme for Year 2015:The Origin of Civilization.


The University of British Columbia (Located in Vancouver, Canada)


Start a team: 2 to 10 players, 1 coach and 1 coordinator for 1 team 
Enrollment fee: USD 75 per player; no enrollment fee for technical teachers and coordinators


Junior Division - elementary school level (grade3-6) 
Junior High Division - junior high school level (grade7-9) 
Senior High Division - high school level (grade10-12)


Educators interested in robotics events or technical education are warmly welcomed to bring teams for WER contest. 
Detailed schedule will be released on the website: