Invitation of 2015 RoboRAVE Canada

Dec 11, 2015

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RoboRAVE is an international robotics competition sponsored by Intel Corporation. The competition has accumulated 11 years of history in the United State, and each year, it continues to attract thousands of students to participate. Because of RoboRAVE's great educational and engaging purposes, the event has been rapidly developing over the recent years. Currently, in addition to American students, students in Colombia, Mexico, Czech Republic, China, and India are also involved in the event. The Canadian Division Tournament will be held in Vancouver, B.C. on December 11-12, 2015. During the RoboRAVE competition, students will need to be able to design, build, and program a fully autonomous robot to complete the given task. Inquiry-based learning and project-based learning is the exceptional educational philosophy that is deeply rooted in the nature of the RoboRAVE competition. During the preparation process for the competition, students' hands-on ability, scientific understand, teamworking skills, time management skills, and language skills will all be significantly improved.

Contestants register here! 
Guests and Parents must register separately here.

Start a team: 2 to 4 players, 1 coach and 1 coordinator per team 
Enrollment fee: $60 per player; no enrollment fee for technical teachers and coordinators

Junior Division - Grade 3-7 
Senior Division - Grade 8-12

Line Following Challenge 
Fire Fighting Challenge

We warmly welcome all robotics educators and enthusiasts to bring teams to attend 2015 RoboRAVE. 

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