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Astronomy Class

DIY Solar System

Junior Curriculum

Focus on the Solar System and the Milky Way Galaxy

  • Introduction to Astronomy;

  • The sun and constellations, the Solar System and Kepler's Three Laws;

  • The Earth, Moon system, Comets and Asteroids;

  • Telescopes, the Terrestrial Planets, Newton and Gravity.

Looking Through Telescope

Extracurricular Activities

Learning while playing in the coastal city West Vancouver!

  • Assemble the Telescopes by yourselves;

  • Take part in our BBQ party, and Observe the Stars and Milky Ways on the mountain with your parents and new friends!


Senior Curriculum

Focus on Stars, Galaxies and Cosmology


  • Stars and Stellar Structure;

  • The Milky Way and Galactic Structure;

  • The Expanding Universe: George Lemaitre;

  • The Big Bang: Andrew McKellar, George Gamow & Jim Peebles

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