Canada Youth Robotics Club is a non-profit club focused on robotics education. With experienced K-12 instructors and students serving as its core members, Canada Youth Robotics Club is committed to improving the visibility and knowledge of robotics education in Canada.The main activities of Canada Youth Robotics Club include community classes, speaker events and robotic competitions.


The community classes are organized and delivered by club instructors and aimed to school students and community centers at low-cost. The speaker events aim to invite robotic experts and relevant business leaders from around the world to give speeches to the public on the value of robotic science from an educational perspective. Robotic competitions are set to be a series of contests hosted by the club that take place in Canada. As of now, Canada Youth Robotics Club has partnered with various organizations and has hosted different competitions such as, RoboRAVE, Botball, WER, etc.

The core activities of Canada Youth Robotics Club will always be driven by its most important member population: The K-12 student holds a strong belief in unlocking students' activeness and giving them with the space to participate and create. Activities will be to a great degree produced, managed and delivered by the student members while the instructor managers backing them up with resource and technical support. The advisory group of the club will include multiple robotics and educational experts from Canada and the U.S. which would guarantee the quality and professionalism of the activities.