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2019 Summer Camp

July & August Summer Camp in Vancouver Campus and West Vancouver Campus.
Time Period : Every Monday to Friday 
Time: 9:00am to 4:00pm.

Price: $200+GST / week
Camp Available:  

STEM Camp: Students will learn robotics, engineering, math, coding, game programming and astronomy projects about Earth, Moon, Mars and Asteroid during the camp. They will combine all the above skills to build and solve problem as team work. 

Students can register any one or more week camp.

Week 1 topic: Protect our Earth       Week 2 topic: Moon Odyssey 
Week 3 topic: Mars Exploration        Week 4 topic: Asteroid War

Week 5 topic: Protect our Earth (advanced)       Week 6 topic: Moon Odyssey (advanced)
Week 7 topic: Mars Exploration (advanced)        Week 8 topic: Asteroid War (advanced)

Week 9 topic: Stars parties

English Camp: Students will watch movies with script and writing the essay after watching the movies.


Students can register any one or more week camp.

Week 1 topic: Walt Disney Movie            Week 2 topic: Science Fiction
Week 3 topic: Action Hero                      Week 4 topic: Drama and Mystery

Week 5 topic: Walt Disney Movie (advanced)          Week 6 topic: Science Fiction (advanced)
Week 7 topic: Action Hero (advanced)                   Week 8 topic: Drama and Mystery (advanced)

Week 9 topic: Movies parties



Vancouver Campus(2987 W41st Ave. Vancouver BC, Canada V6N 3C8)
West Vancouver Campus(#305-1549 Marine Drive West Vancouver,BC, Canada V7V 1H9)


Please click under below to register your amazing summer camp in Canada Youth Robotics Club. 

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